z/OS UNIX System Services Implementation

This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to install and customize z/OS UNIX (full name z/OS UNIX System Services), and to manage and monitor the z/OS UNIX environment.


Execute the tasks required to prepare a z/OS installation for implementing z/OS UNIX
Execute the tasks to install the z/OS UNIX software features
Use the information provided in this class to perform the basic customization necessary to fully implement the z/OS UNIX kernel, the file system, the shell and utilities, and z/OS UNIX applications
Put in place the RACF security required for z/OS UNIX resources and applications
Make appropriate definitions for the activation of TCP/IP sockets by z/OS UNIX
Identify and use the processes and data required for monitoring and tuning the z/OS UNIX environment


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20 horas

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  • Nivel alcanzado 80% 80%

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Day 1

Unit 1: z/OS UNIX implementation overview
Unit 2: z/OS UNIX services initial installation
Exercise 1: Move from default to full mode function
Exercise 2: IPL in full function mode and enable a nonvolatile root HFS
Unit 3: File system customization
Day 2

Exercise 3: Customizing the file system
Unit 4: Security customization
Exercise 4: Defining and managing UNIX users, OMVS security
Day 3

Unit 5: Shell customization
Exercise 5: UNIX System Services and shell customization
Unit 6: Customizing applications, daemons, and servers
Exercise 6: UNIX processes
Exercise 7: Access control list and enhanced ASCII support (optional)
Day 4

Unit 7: File system management and system maintenance
Exercise 8: Managing HFS and zFS data sets
Unit 8: Managing z/OS UNIX operations
Unit 9: Exploiting TCP/IP with z/OS UNIX
Exercise 9: Managing z/OS UNIX

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